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Wordpress Maintenance Packages and Support Services

Wordpress Maintenance Packages and Support Services

Is your website overwhelming you? All of the updates, upgrades, backups, security, and more. It can take up critical time you could be using for your business. In addition to saving you time we can improve your site as well. Like making it faster, optimizing your SEO, collecting information and putting them into easy to read reports. Do you need support often? We can help we offer many forms of support from the occasional to the full make over.

Take a look at our plans. We have a mix and match system. You only use what you need instead of having to pick up full plans with services you do not need. Go ahead click on that button below and see what we offer.

Cloud backups of your website

In addition to your host backup plan, we provide a cloud backup service that runs a backup daily, before updates, after updates, or even when requested.

This provides an extra layer of protection for your business. If for some reason your host goes down, or you can not get access to your backups via your host we have you covered.

In addition to having your back, we can back up daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how often your website changes. We hold 90 days of backup history.

This maintenance feature also includes a save feature. If your site is hacked, or if you have a major error happen because of a change. We can restore your website files and database to a working copy same day. Often times we can restore within minutes.

Did you know the more services you have the more you save?

Thats right! For every service you add to your maintenance package the more you save. We have some hidden discounts to. Like every year up to 10 years you get 1% off. 10 years equal 10% off.

Unlike some other companies who only give discounts to new customers. We like to take care of those who have remained loyal to us. There are more secret discounts as well.

We use an AI for our free estimate. That AI determines the amount of discounts that can be applied that day, week, month or even year. One of those discount choices is the amount of services.

Go on check it out try our free discount AI and see what kind of deal you can get.

Fast updates, secure updates, tested updates.

Updates can be risky. They very well could break your site. We test each update via a staged site. If no conflicts are found we push the updates to the live site.

Many people who use wordpress get weighed down by updates. There are more important things to do then check the website every day for updates.

No problem though. We not only monitor your website for updates, we will create a staged demo site of your website. An exact copy in fact. Then we apply those updates and test the staged site for any conflicts or errors. If everything looks good. We merge those updates into your production website.

Not all updates are this way though. many updates are small fixes and tweaks. Those can be updated ASAP. If you have our backup package as well any issues can easily be reverted back.

In fact the backup and updates package is a great combination and we highly recommend having both as part of your maintenance.


WordPress accounted for 90 percent of all hacked CMS sites in 2018


Deployed SEO, spam pages on 51 percent of the hacked sites


The number 1 hack was through backdoor Malware at 68%.

An unsecure website is an extra cost to the business

Some sites attract allot of attention. If it is not wanted and your site is always being attacked we can help. We use wordfence as a WAF (Web Access Firewall) or better yet if available CloudFlare WAF or both.

These day every website is a target, some less then others. The big targets are any site that deal with E-commerce. What can you do about it though? Well I am here to tell you, ALLOT! from the simple honeypot to the full blown infrastructure firewall.

We have two different levels of security we offer as a service in our maintenance packages. The basic level covers the must haves. Such as preventing bots from sniffing user names, blocking bots that are known bad actors, two factor authentication when you login to admin, editor, or other privileged accounts, and many more.

We also provided a detailed security package. This is where we employ the use of our vendor partners. They are Cloudflare and Wordfence. For those who want variety we also utilize Sucuri and All-in-one WordPress security. If you have your own vendor and just need someone to configure and monitor we can do that as well.

We have 11 years experience and counting in the security and compliance industry. It is were we started. So if you need Firewalls, and advanced controls we have you covered.

Broken Links

  • Broken Link can cost you up to 30% of your customers online 30% 30%
  • Save 10% off Link Monitoring with WishNet Design 10% 10%
  • Increase traffic to your site as much as 25% by fixing your broken links. 25% 25%

Let find those broken links and restore your traffic!

With small sites it is easy to track broken links. Once you start to grow it quickly becomes more difficult. Let us do it for you. If we are able we can even correct the broken link or links.

A small site of about 5 to 10 pages is easy to find broken links. most Link checkers out there can find these and you can fix them. We have a service for you though, even the small sites. We perform a free check with ANY two service your purchase.

What about the big sites. One check will not cut it. You need live 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring. That is exactly what we do. Through the use of our plugin we monitor your sites, menus, posts, pages, custom post types, and more. If a broken link is found, or errors identified. We will attempt to first fix them (most are easy fixes) and if we can not fix them will provide you a report of the links that are broken.

We capture more then just broken links though. The most common is a 404 error. Page not found. We also track things such as 403 forbidden, or error 500. We can assist in troubleshooting these if needed. Our main goal however is getting you the information so it can be resolved as soon as possible.


39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load

39% is allot of potential sales or clients!

There is allot involved with speeding up your website. Even more so when you are dealing with wordpress.

It can take allot of time to optimize every image, every javascript, css, html, and little line of code. You need help.

Let us help you. One of the first things I got into when I first started to work in wordpress was how do I make this load faster. WordPress just seemed so slow all the time.

I spent the next 3 years diving into the code, learning the ins and outs of web performance. I did find many many gems and this is now all apart of my playbook for making websites fast and zippy.

We currently have a couple different levels of service. One that only gets the home page speedy. The other that gets the entire site speedy. Get a estimate today and find out if we can meet your needs.

Do you want to get free Organic traffic to your website?

One of the best area’s to save money is with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Getting search engines to send you traffic instead of having to pay thousands of dollars in advertising is a great way to get your website in the success zone.

We have various services we can provide. Not everyone can drop a few grand on SEO in a year and we are well aware. We can however help you to improve beyond your current position.

We offer keyword tracking. You supply the keywords you want to target and we will track them and see if they are moving up the Search engines (SERP) or down the SERP. we also combine all those keywords to provide you a viability score. Along with this we track who your competitors are and what their visibility score is as well.

If you need more we can also provide Keyword research. We look at your currently ranked keywords and we do research to identify if there are any long tail keywords that may bring in more impressions and thus eyes to your site. This is especially important if you are trying to find a nitch to market to.

We can also optimize your website by making sure it is scripted for rich text, has the exact look and settings you want for Open Graph, That your site is configured to display on twitter, pintrist, facebook, and others the way they should. We make sure your Meta Snippets are how you want them to look for people who see your site in the search engines. We verify no duplicates are in your site, we turn off indexing to pages that do not need indexing, and much more.

SEO would not be complete without full blown campaigns though. That is the entire package there. Research, Optimizations, Funnel pages, landing Pages, Focus Pages, Satellite Pages, A/B testing, Live ranking metrics, SEO Audits, and Content Audits.

If you need help getting ranked and the SEO package that is right for you.

Let us customize your wordpress maintenance package.

The one thing that sets us apart from others is we provide services Al La Cart. We have an AI that goes through and asks you questions about what you would like for your site. Maybe you only want backups, or perhaps you want everything except SEO. our AI will walk you through it and provide you a quote no waiting what so ever.  It is 100% dynamic! you can see what the cost is real time when you add and remove items. The AI will even calculate discounts for you for qualifying service pairing, time discounts, and holidays.

Give it a try now and see how much you can save by putting together your own custom wordpress maintenance package.